1. How were the LEDs connected?

Nearly all LED kits from Wald Light Kit are connected to the receiver with the Power Up module. It doesn't matter what voltage the receiver provides, as the Power Up module supplies the necessary voltage that the LEDs require.

2. Can the LEDs be turned on and off with the remote control?

The LED kits from Wald Light Kit do not have a dedicated function for turning on and off. Since the LEDs are operated over the receiver, the LEDs turn on as soon as the vehicle is turned on.

3. What should be considered during installation?

The installation of the LEDs from Wald Light Kit is generally very simple, as they are fastened to provided screw connections. One weak point is the cable connections. The cables are protected with fabric sleeves and should be secured with cable ties during installation. It is important to ensure that the cables have enough "play" under tension, otherwise there is a risk of the cables being pulled off the LEDs. This particularly applies to LEDs that are mounted on bumpers.

4. Damage - and now?

Anyone who pursues the RC hobby knows that damage can occur. For this reason, all components are also available for individual purchase. If damage does occur, the entire Light Kit does not need to be discarded or reordered.

5. What about moisture or rain?

The LEDs from Wald Light Kit are not waterproof. Therefore, it is recommended to use them only under dry conditions to avoid potential damage and ensure long lifespan. However, many of our customers, including myself, have used the LEDs even in heavy rain for several minutes without any issues. Vic_Mei even documented a dive with our LEDs on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/shorts/a8QWJV4Pn_A).

6. Where are the products from Wald Light Kit developed and manufactured?

The products from Wald Light Kit are "Made in Germany." The development and production are based in Unterhaching near Munich, Germany.

7. Are the products from Wald Light Kit CE marked?

The products from Wald Light Kit are delivered without a CE marking. Since the products are neither advertised as toys nor fall under the Low Voltage Directive, a CE marking is not required.

8. Are the products from Wald Light Kit registered in the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) register?

The products from Wald Light Kit are registered under the WEEE registration number 52860801. This means that the legally required fees for the disposal of the products from Wald Light Kit are paid in accordance with the ElektroG.