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Wald Light Kit

On The Limit Limitless

On The Limit Limitless

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The kit includes the following components

Front LED Extremely bright front LEDs that can be easily installed on the front spoiler.

Rear LED Bright rear LEDs that can be easily attached to the diffuser.

Power Up The Power Up module allows for easy power supply of the LEDs via the receiver.

Note The LEDs from the Wald Light Kit can only be operated with the Power Up module.

Installation instructions

  1. Attach the front LED to the front spoiler by clamping the two front LEDs between the black plate and the body. Optionally, you can cut a small piece of the body to make the cable run cleanly.

  2. Attach the tail light to the diffuser and use tape if necessary to secure it in place.

  3. Connect the power-up module to the receiver. Connect the power-up module to the LED lights and secure it to a suitable location on the chassis, using cable ties or tape.

  4. Secure the cables for the LED lights, using cable ties, so that they are protected and do not come into contact with sharp edges. Make sure that the cables are not under tension and have enough slack.

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