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Wald Light Kit

Razor Kit

Razor Kit

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The kit consists of the following components

Front LED Extremely bright front LEDs easily mounted on the front shock tower.

Rear LED Two red rear LEDs easily mounted on the rear shock tower.

Power Up  The Power Up module enables uncomplicated power supply of the LEDs via the receiver.

Attention The LEDs from Wald Light Kit can only be operated with the Power Up module.

Installation notes

1. Attach the front LED to the front shock tower by unscrewing the existing original M2.5 screws and fastening the front LED with these screws at this hole.
2. Attach the rear LED to the rear shock tower with the included M3 screws and M3 nuts.
3. Connect the Power Up module to the LED lights and secure it at a suitable location inside the body, e.g., with cable ties or tape. Connect the Power Up module to the receiver.
4. Secure the cables of the LED lights, e.g., with cable ties, so that they are protected and do not come into contact with sharp edges, for example. Ensure that the cables are not under tension and always have enough slack.
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