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Wald Light Kit



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RUBK stands for Random Universal Body Kit and is a light kit that can be installed on almost any body. As the LED power is supplied through the receiver, the plug must be connected or disconnected every time the body is removed or replaced.


The kit includes the following components

4 Front LEDs Extremely bright front LEDs that are attached to the body with 2 screws each.

2 Rear LEDs Extremely bright rear LEDs that are attached to the body with 2 screws each.

Power Up The Power Up module allows for easy power supply of the LEDs via the receiver.

Accessories 12 washers, 12 nuts, 50cm white cable, 50cm black cable, male connector.

Note The LEDs from the Wald Light Kit can only be operated with the Power Up module.

Instructions for installation

1. Attach the 4 white and 2 red LEDs to the desired locations on the body. Drill 3 3mm holes for each LED.

2. Mount the LEDs with the included M3 nuts and washers. Secure the nuts with thread locker such as Loctite.

3. Solder all 6 white and all 6 black wires of the LEDs together so that the LEDs are connected in parallel. Use the included white and black wires if necessary. Ensure careful insulation of the solder joints, for example with heat shrink tubing.

4. Solder the male connector to the LED and secure the wires to the body with tape, so that they are protected and do not come into contact with sharp edges. Ensure that the wires are not under tension, but have enough play.

5. Connect the Power Up module to the receiver. Secure the Power Up module in a suitable location in the chassis so that the male connector of the LED can be easily connected to the Power Up module when the body is attached.

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Customer Reviews

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Rene Raether
Sehr gut verarbeitet! hochwertige und helle LED‘s

Die LED‘s haben eine hervorragende Größe um sie individuell am Modell zu befestigen. Die Front leuchten sind sehr hell und die Heckleuchten erstrahlen im satten rot. Das Power-Up Modul lässt sich aufgrund der geringen Größe sehr leicht unterbringen. Rückfragen werden äußerst zügig und professionell beantwortet!