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Wald Light Kit

Q-LED DBXL 2.0 /DBXL-E 2.0

Q-LED DBXL 2.0 /DBXL-E 2.0

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Extremely bright front LED that is easily attached to the bracket on the front bumper. For installation, the light is simply secured with 4 screws and connected directly to the receiver.

Installation Instructions:

The installation is very simple; no holes need to be drilled, no parts need to be cut or sawed. Thus, dismantling can also be done without causing permanent damage.


1. Clamp the front LED onto the bracket of the front bumper. 

2. Secure the front LED with the supplied screws.

3. Connect the front LED directly to an available slot on the receiver.

4. Secure the cables, for example, with cable ties, so that they are protected and do not come into contact with sharp edges, for example. Ensure that the cables are not under tension but have enough slack.

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