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Wald Light Kit

Triple Spike DBXL 2.0

Triple Spike DBXL 2.0

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Extremely bright rear LED, which is easily attached to the rear spoiler bracket. To install, simply clamp the light and connect it to the existing front LED connector. The installation is very straightforward and can be done without much effort.

Installation Instructions

  1. Loosen the four screws on the spoiler bracket.

  2. Clamp the LED between the struts of the spoiler bracket and lightly tighten the screws again. Ensure that the LED is securely in place but not overly compressed.

  3. Connect the rear LED to the male connector on the existing extension cable, and then connect the front LED to the female output of the rear LED.

  4. Secure the cables, for example, with cable ties, to protect them and prevent them from coming into contact with sharp edges. Ensure that the cables are not under tension but have enough slack.

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